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how Zimtop dash cam works?

Gusto Cams record the road in front of the vehicle while driving. When situated, a Motorcycle cameara Cam can also record stir and impacts. 

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Recording resolution does vary, you can have a gusto cam that records 720p, 1080p, 1440p and indeed 4k. To learn about the differences in judgments you can check out our former blog post then. 

How do you power a gusto cam? 

 There are three ways to power a gusto cam 

 12 volt outlet 

Hardwired with a Hardwiring Cable 

 OBD-2 Cable 

 Do I’ve to cancel my old footage? 

 No! Any quality gusto cam will have a nonstop recording or circle recording point. Once the micro SD card is full the gusto cam will record over top of the oldest footage. 

 What happens when I get in an accident? 

 Let’s pretend you get into a cushion toot. What does a gusto cam do? A gusto cam has the capability to descry a collision by using a erected-in g- detector. A g- detector detects changes in acceleration. When an impact is detected by the g- detector, impact recording will start. A g- detector is standard in all Zimtop Gusto Cams along with impact recording. 

 Impact recording will record 10 seconds before the impact and 10 seconds after. 

 Impact recordings are saved in a different brochure train so that the gusto cam doesn’t record over any impact recordings. Below is an illustration of an impact recording clip. 

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